History Timeline of Pensacola High School

1870 - First public school for boys is organized.

1875 - School Board erects a two-story building on Wright Street. It was known as the Pensacola Academy. The Principal was Mr. John Wilmer.

1886 - New building erected on Lee Square, known as Public School No.1.

1887 -First graduating class: Albert Reed and J. Whiting Hyer.

1905 - Four year high school was organized in the old Public School No.1 building with J.B. Lockey as Principal. It becomes known as Pensacola Senior High School.

1905 - First graduating class: Dudley Barrow and Nell Richards.

1906 - The PHS yearbook is named the "Annona".

1910 - PHS was moved to what was Clubbs Junior High School, W.S. Cawthon, Principal.

1912 - B.B. Lane becomes Principal.

1916 - PHS was moved back to Public School No. 1, Ross Rogers, Principal.

1917 - Public School No. 1 burned and sessions were held again at A.V. Clubbs School.

1918 - PHS was moved to an old tabernacle building on Gregory Street, J.M. Collier, Principal.

1920 - J.H. Workman becomes Principal.

1922 - PHS was moved to the building on 614 North Palafox Street, on Lee Square.

1938 - PHS ninth grade is moved to A.V. Clubs and W.A. Blount Junior High School.


1945 - J.L. McCord becomes Principal

1948 -  Football Stadium is built.

1953 - PHS moves to the new building at "A" and Maxwell Streets.

1957 - R.C. Lipscomb becomes Principal.

1962-63 - First black students enroll at Pensacola High School. They were Sheila Rochelle Harris and Horace Edward Harrison who graduated that year: Barbara Donaldson and Karen Robertson.

1962 - Auditorium is built.

1966 - R.C. Lipscomb, Principal, transfers to District Office as Deputy Superintendent.

1966 - Mr. John Ed Christian transferred from Tate High School to Pensacola High School as Principal, replacing Mr. Lipscomb.

1966 - L.P. McDowell, Assistant Principal, accepted position at Pensacola Junior College as Assistant Director of Maintenance.

1966 - John H. Oelerich reported as Assistant Principal replacing L.P. McDowell.

1967 - First black teacher reports to PHS: Miss Sandra Lewis.

1969 - J.P. Cone, Jr. reports as Assistant Principal.

1969 - Mr. R. E. Mabry promoted from Assistant Principal to Principal, replacing Mr. Christian who was transferred to Beggs School.

1969 - of faculty was black; many employed were transferred from Washington Jr. High School (which is now closed down) and the schools were completely integrated.

1969 -Old Pensacola High School Building on Lee Square is totaled by fire.

1974 - Ruben O. D. Askew Library is built.

1975 - R.E. Mabry retires.

1975 - J.P. Cone Jr. promoted to Principal.

1975 - Jerome E. Watson first black Assistant Principal.

1976 - Vocational Wing added.

1978 - Jerome E. Watson appointed Principal of Wedgewood Middle School.

1978 - Ella W. Sims becomes the first black woman Assistant Principal.

1979 - John H. Oelerich retired as Assistant Principal.

1979 - Jeff Moorer promoted to Assistant Principal.

1982 - Ella W. Sims resigns as Assistant Principal, transferred to District Office.

1982 - Rita E. Jones appointed as Assistant Principal.

1985 - Rita E. Jones resigns as Assistant Principal, transferred to District Office.

1985 - Hubert Williford appointed as Assistant Principal.

1986 - Hubert Williford transferred to Jim Allen Elementary School as Principal.

1986 - International Baccalaureate Diploma Program implemented.

1987 - Carl C. Johnson appointed as Assistant Principal.

1990 - Carl C. Johnson resigns as Assistant Principal, transferred to Social Studies Department as a teacher.

1990 - Sarah S. Armstrong appointed as Assistant Principal.

1990 - First International Baccalaureate Diploma Program graduating class.

1992 - Jeff L. Moorer retires.

1992 - Leo Carvalis promoted to Assistant Principal.

1994 - Mr. J. P. Cone, Jr. transferred to District Office.

1994 - Mr. Horace Jones promoted to Principal.

1997 - Mr. Horace Jones transferred to District Office.

1997 - Mr. Richard Harper appointed interim Principal.

1997 - Mr. Larry Huntley appointed Principal.

1997 - Mrs. Sarah S. Armstrong transferred to District Office.

1997 - Mr. Larry Justice appointed Assistant Principal.

1997 - Mr. Leo Carvalis transferred to District Office.

1997 - Mr. Norm Ross appointed Assistant Principal.

1999 - Mr. Larry Huntley retires.

1999 - Mr. Norm Ross appointed Principal.

1999 - Mrs. Sara Lewis appointed Assistant Principal.

2000 - West Wing added to main building.

2001 - Mr. Norm Ross promoted to Deputy Superintendent at District Office.

2001 - Mrs. Sara Lewis appointed Principal.

2001 - Mr. Lorin Lovely appointed Assistant Principal.

2001 - Mr. Larry Justice transferred to Woodham High School.

2001 - Mrs. Elaine Thomas appointed Assistant Principal.

2004 - Mr. Lorin Lovely retires.

2004 - Mr. David Williams appointed Assistant Principal.

2004 - PHS Gym destroyed by Hurricane Ivan.

2005 - PHS is ranked #8 in the country and #4 in Florida by Newsweek Magazine.

2006 - PHS ranked #38 in the country and #7 in Florida by Newsweek Magazine.

2007 - PHS ranked #36 in the country and #7 in Florida by Newsweek Magazine.

2007 - Mrs. Elaine Thomas retires.

2007 - Dr. Joy McMichael appointed Assistant Principal.

2007 - Coach Mike Bennett surpasses Coach Jim Scoggins, becoming the school's All-Time Winningest Football Coach.

2008 - PHS Gym reopens.

2008 - Mrs. Sara Lewis retires.

2008 - Mr. David Williams appointed Principal.

2008 - Mr. Thomas Rollins appointed Assistant Principal.

2008 - PHS ranked #42 in the country and #11 in Florida by Newsweek Magazine.

2009 - Jimmy Haynes Fieldhouse Opens.

2009 - PHS ranked #54 in the country and #14 in Florida by Newsweek Magazine.

2009 - Computer Aided Design Academy Opens.

2009 - PHS wins the 3A Football Championship.

2010 - PHS ranked #22 in the country and #6 in Florida by Newsweek Magazine.

2011 - Dr. Joy McMichael transferred to Brown Barge Middle School.

2011 - Mrs. Laura Touchstone appointed Assistant Principal.