School Improvement Plan

Pensacola High School

District Plan
School Plan
School Improvement Goals

District Plan

District Vision Statement
Making a Positive Difference

Strategic Aims
Highest Student Achievement
Safe Learning Environment
High Performing Work Force
Efficient and Effective System

District Mission Statement
To provide an environment that creates opportunities for all students to achieve their highest potential while building a foundation for continuous learning
District Core Values
District Goals
1. Lay the foundation for continuous learning that allows all students to achieve their maximum potential
2. Prepare students for the workforce
3. Maximize opportunities for families to prepare children for kindergarten
4. Provide a safe and welcoming environment
5. Increase public support and awareness for the value of the teaching profession and public education
6. Highly competent and diverse staff
7. Utilize existing resources to their maximum potential
8. Provide avenues for community and parent participation