The PSAT (October 14 or 17) is an opportunity for students to get a head start as you prepare for college and the college application process. Gleim has perpared over 4 million professionals for certification exam success and now offers GleimPSAT Online. The course is 6 to 10 hours long, and includes a full-length practice test.
Gleim invites you to watch a 4-minute audiovisual explantion of the course at
As a special introduction, we are offering course fee waivers to the first five (5) students that register with Gleim.
Please email me at to take advantage of this offer and I will respond with a course fee waiver code and instuctions for the students. I will also provide you with a complimentary registration in the PSAT course.
We also have printable GleimPSAT fliers to help spread the word of this great learning opportunity. Please print as many as you wish from
Thank you for for choosing Gleim, and have a great day!
Matthew Schneider
PSAT Training Consultant
800-874-5346 x231

P.S. GleimPSAT is different! It has a computer game look and feel that encourages you to become an active participant in the learning experience. We first teach them about the test itself. and then we move on to the concepts and skills necessary to master for PSAT success. Of course, the most important element in test preparation is to practice. Our course offers numerous practice-question sets and study unit quizzes, and a full-length, timed PSAT practice test.

For more information on the PSAT, click here.