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Course categories

Course categories

Media Center 
 Media Assistants - Yonker
 TV Production - Yonker
 English Department
 AP Environmental Science
 Marine Science II Honors - Parnell
 Marine Science I - Parnell
 Physical Science-Sartain
 Pre-IB Chemistry-Sartain
 Pre-IB Chemistry- Atkins
 IB Chemistry- Atkins
 Chemistry I Honors- Atkins
 Practice Course- Mitchell
 Ap Chemistry - Mitchell
 Pre IB Chemistry - Mitchell
Health Academy 
 Allied Health 3
 Health Science 2
 Health Science I- Alexander
Law Academy 
 Legal Aspects of Business
 Legal Technology I
 Legal Technology II
 Diversified Career Technology
 Environmental Club
 French Club/FNHS
 Student Government Association
 International Club
 Class of 2016
 Class of 2015
 Class of 2014
 Class of 2013
 Class of 2015 CAS
 Class of 2013 TOK
 Class of 2014 CAS
 Class of 2013 CAS
 Class of 2012 CAS
Foreign Language 
 Spanish 4 IB-Teasley
 Spanish 3 Pre-IB Teasley
 Spanish I-Haley
 Pre-IB French 1
 Pre-IB French 2
 IB French 3
 IB French 4
Social Studies 
 World History-Haims
 AP World History-Knight
 AP European History- Brown
 AP World History-Brown
 United States History Garrett
 U.S. History Honors Garrett
 Amerrican Government - Garrett
 AP European History-Robbins
 IB History of the Americas
 AP European History-Jones
 IB World Geography-Sutton
 AP Human Geography- Sutton
 Algebra 2-Daniels
 Algebra IA-Daniels
 Algebra IA-Green
 Algebra 1-A - Sartain
 Night School -Williams
 Algebra 1 A-Reid
 Geometry Honors-Reid
 Algebra II - Paedae
 Math Studies - Paedae
 Calculus - Paedae
 Liberal Arts-Dickes
 Mathematics For College Readiness-Dickes
 Algebra I Honors- Gibbs
 Algebra I Honors/Geometry Honors-Gibbs
 Algebra IA/Intensive Math-Williams
 Geometry Honors-Sales
 Geometry Honors-Williams
 Geometry- Gibbs
 Senior Math Studies-Sales

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